Presentation: A Closer Look

Spirituality and Politics, Polity and Paternalism

in the debate on inclusion of LGBTQ folk in organized religion.




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The Winter Term Lowell Lecture features the Reverend Dr. Caroline “Caro” Hall, National President of Integrity, USA, and author of A Thorn in the Flesh: How Gay Sexuality is Changing the Episcopal Church. From an historical perspective, she discusses the battles within the Anglican Communion over legitimacy of LGBTQ persons in Holy Orders. Dr. Hall also focuses on how the battle for inclusion became politicized and what role national politics, church polity and paternalism play in this debate leading to the vote of the Episcopal Church to include LGBTQ people into the full life of the church.

This lecture is free and open to the public due to the generous support of the Lowell Institute.

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